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1.Temperature display range: 0~40.5℃
2.Temperature measurement precision: ±0.1℃
3.Humidity display range: 0~99%RH
4.Control release precision: ±3%RH
5.Output lines: 6 lines (primary heating, auxiliary heating, exhaust (air exchange), turning left, turning right, humidifying)
6.Output current: primary and auxiliary heating 30A, other output 10A
7.Egg turning times: maximum 999 times
8.Egg turning cycle: 0~999 minutes (default 90 minutes)
9.Egg turning period: 0~999 seconds (default 180 seconds)
10.Air exchange cycle: 0~999 minutes (default 120 minutes)
11.Air exchange period: 0~999 seconds (default 15 seconds)
12.Length of measuring line: about 2 meters
Working Condition:
1.Working voltage: AC 180V~240V,50HZ
2.Relative humidity: less than 85%
3.Ambient temperature: -20℃~70℃
The incubation setting consists of automatic incubation and user-defined incubation.
Package Include:
1 x Incubator Controller
1 x Temperature sensor
1 x Humidity sensor
1 x Operational Manual

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